About Us

"Specializing in International Executive Customer Services"


Ambiance has been promoting authentic American products and services from the U.S. to the Japanese marketplace for over 15 years.

Our company acts as a liaison in becoming an International Sales Representative to the companies who want to expand into the Japanese market.

As native Japanese business professionals who reside in the States, we understand the complexities of both American and Japanese cultures and languages.

Our main focus is female Japanese consumers seeking to beautify and enrich their lives. We excel in natural and organic products plus the marketing of clothing lines and fashion accessories.

As an example of our successes, listed here are some key products and services that Ambiance America has introduced into the Japanese marketplace;


Building Materials, Furniture and Housing Design, Home Builders and Interior Designers


Herbal Supplements, Organic Skincare Products, Detoxification Products and Cell Minerals


Whole Foods Diet Program Created by Two Noted American Physicians

Hydrogen Rich Water "Izumio" & Broad spectrum multi-carotenoids supplement "Super Lutein"

 Postural Alignment Therapy

Books, DVD and Audio Tapes

Clothing Lines and Women's Accessories 


Vice President and co-founder of Ambiance America Corporation, Satomi S. Watson (Left) and President, Midori Kikuchi.

Satomi Watson is a marketing veteran and has excelled in business consultation since 1992. 

Midori Kikuchi is a graduate of Dokkyo University, Saitama, Japan. Midori has a bachelor's degree in English Linguistics and has excelled in the marketing of US products to Japan since 1994.  

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